Deposit of fee

Fee Structure At Harsh 

Full payment of all the fee and dues as payable by a new student at the time of admission as per the schedule laid down by the school. Payment can be made through a bank draft or 'at par' cheque. Demand Draft should be made in the name of HARSH CONVENT SCHOOL, SURATGARH" payable at SURATGARH.

  •  Children for whom fee have not been paid up-to-date may be prevented from taking school or public examinations. Transfer certificate will not be issued until all outstanding dues are cleared.
  •  The fee payable is subject to change from time to time. Parents will, however, be informed of any such changes.

For More Information Our Admission Team is ready to work with you on processing your child's application HCS and get you started on their path to success. If questions should arise pertaining to any of the admission policies or procedures, m please do not hesitate to call the school office. The students of the school have to abide rules and regulations of the school which are laid by the scholl society and may modify time-to-time.